Appreciate something UNIQUE

How do you VIEW the world?


You wish to think that you are unlike anyone else, the way you do things, how you act, the way you speak.. and with two billion people on the planet.. the FACT is… it’s absolutely true!


UNIQUE: (verb) being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.


There is only one you… there may be individuals that may do things in similar ways, but none can compare to the one version of you on this giant earth. That being said, there is VALUE in appreciating the UNIQUE-NESS in others. Is it a co-worker? A business partner? Your employees? Perhaps.. even a lover. Take the time to sit back.. turn the world off around you and see one person for who they truly are.. unique. Enjoying a piping hot cup of perspective can always help recalibrate the brain.

Whether it’s friends, business colleagues, or even strangers.. take a few minutes each day to people watch and swallow the environment around you. You may be surprised at what you didn’t SEE before.

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